About our Maps

   All of our historical maps and charts are printed on art canvas with archival ink using the highest resolution and quality we can obtain. Most sites offer black and white print on paper for what we are offering for an art canvas with color.

   The print sizes are that of the original map in proportion scaled down to a reasonable size. We have added a color border around the maps to aid in framing. Please remember, these maps were huge back in the day adorning halls in buildings or tiled down in sections for reference on sea and land.


These maps are amazingly beautiful framed hanging on an office wall or in a den in one's home. We only sale prints online at this time. We do sale framed prints at events only.

   We've hand-selected the maps based on their design, color, detail, and locations. Most of our maps and charts are of  North American discovery and the Caribbean during the Age of Piracy. 

The maps have outstanding details including forts, roads, houses and other details known to history.


Truly is a unique historical work of art. 

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